Guersy de la Cruz - Peru

Guersy de la Cruz - Peru

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The JUMARP collective is located near the southwest border of the Amazonas region in the Andes of Northern Peru, about a ten hour drive from the historical town of Cajamarca. The Collective was founded in 2003 in an attempt to create a new model for growing and exporting coffee, and improving quality in the region. Today, there are 350 members and 13 managers at the JUMARP collective, one of whom is Guersy de la Cruz. 

This coffee has a mild, complex acidity, tempered by a round, full mouth feel unusual from a washed coffee. Sweetest is reminiscent of raisined fruit, dates, and caramel. There's enough to this coffee to take milk, but with the sweetness and body, you definitely don't need it. 

Origin: Peru
Department: Amazonas
Province: Utcubamba
District: Yamón
Community: Manseriche
Farm Name: Guersy de la Cruz Milan
Producer: Ines Carrasco Carhuapoma
Cooperative: JUMARP
Altitude: 1,400-1,600 meters
Varietal: Pache, Castillo
Process: Washed
Fermentation: 25-30 hours, dry
Drying: Raised beds

Certifications: FTO - Fair Trade, Organic