Tomas Bueno - Peru

Tomas Bueno - Peru

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From our friends and former colleague, at Yellow Rooster Coffee Imports

Named for the cedar trees that shade his property and it's coffee, Finca El Cedro is one of two farms owned by the Medina family. Tomas Medina grows Bourbon and Yellow Caturra on El Cedro where he hand picks for ripeness during the day with his wife before beginning a two-phase fermentation process. The doting care and attention to detail that Tomas applies to every level of his operation has produced a coffee that is truly exceptional, with flavors of milk chocolate, caramel, sweet cream, and a balanced, complex acidity from both the coffee and the meticulous fermentation process, which adds notes of apricots and concord grapes.

We are so happy Yellow Rooster has found the Medinas and has worked hard with them to make this coffee available to roasters like us. Thank you!

Origin: Peru
Farm: El Cedro
Producer: Tomas Bueno Medina
Altitude: 1,850 masl
Variety: Yellow Caturra
Process: Washed
Fermentation: 48hrs with skins, 48hrs post pulp, then washed.