Looking for work?

Send a copy of your resume and little about yourself to jobs@ninthstreetespresso.com.

Having trouble with your order?

Email us at orders@ninthstreetespresso.com. We'll sort it out. 

Questions about shipping or returns?

Check out our shipping and returns page. See below for a full list of our policies. 

Can you grind my online coffee order? 

Grinding coffee just prior to brewing is one of the most effective ways to get good results at home. Like most coffee retailers, before COVID we did not grind online orders. When COVID struck, we introduced the option of ordering ground coffee to limit the need for folks to venture out into the world. Now that we're all slowly making our way back to more normal life, we'd like to phase out grinding pre-shipping as it has a detrimental effect on the quality of the product we serve you. However, if you don't have access to a grinder, we can do it for you. Let us know in your order notes how you'd like it ground and we'll take care of it. Make sure to specify the brew method. 

How do I adjust my subscription?

You can adjust, suspend, or cancel your subscription by logging into your account, clicking the 'subscriptions' icon under the 'account' header and then selecting the subscription number that you'd like to amend. You can also adjust your subscription through the email confirmation you received after completing your purchase (for more details, see subscription policy). 

Do you offer gift notes?

Sure! Tell us your order is a gift in the order notes during checkout. You can even write a little something for the recipient that you'd like us to include with the gift. We won't put a packing slip (with prices) in any gift order.

 What happens when a package says it arrived and didn't?

If you live in New York, the package was probably stolen and you'll need to take it up with your Super. 

What if I don't like my coffee and would like a refund?

As David Sedaris said, "If you read an essay in Esquire and don't like it, there could be something wrong with the essay. If it's in The New Yorker, on the other hand, and you don't like it, there's something wrong with you." In this scenario, our coffee was in The New Yorker





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