When you purchase a subscription you'll receive repeat deliveries. These are based on the subscription frequency that you select. Subscriptions continue until you elect to cancel them. 

Your payment details will be stored securely. You'll be charged at the time of each subscription installment fulfillment, ie. if you sign up for a weekly subscription on a Tuesday, you will be charged every Tuesday for that same amount until you cancel the subscription. 

If you want to pause, move up fulfillment, or cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time by signing into your account and clicking Subscriptions beneath My Account.

You will receive an email every time you are charged for a subscription fulfillment. These order confirmation emails will link to your account and subscriptions page, you can access your subscription management that way as well.

See our returns policy for more details on returns and refunds. If you have a question about or an issue with your subscription, please email us at